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Perfectly monochrome and just the right size, this little Dendrite ring will match any outfit or mood. 

NB: If you add one of these to your order, don’t forget to tell me your UK Ring Size in the message box when you get to the checkout.

Bonnie Magpie Pendants Fabienne‘s Pot Bonnie Magpie Pendants Fabienne‘s Pot
£127.00 £170.00

There’s a brilliant scene in Pulp Fiction with Fabienne & Butch where Fabienne talks about wanting a “little pot”... It was 1994, I was 19, I had just had my son and the world was telling me the only way to be beautiful was to be super skinny. There are lots of theories about the meaning behind that conversation (it’s Tarantino after all!) but for me it was just lovely to hear someone talking with such fondness about something that I had just acquired and thought had rendered me imperfect.
£111.00 £148.00

She’s a showstopper! 
This is such a fascinating big stone, to me it’s like looking through a keyhole at the ocean. I incorporated some 14k gold filled beading around the bottom, like treasure on the sea bed. Despite its size it sits comfortably on your finger with a wide split band.

£100.00 £135.00

The word Zen comes to mind when I look at this ring. Like two round pebbles stacked on the beach, it’s a real pleasure to wear. Two dendrite stones set in fine & sterling silver with a twisted sterling silver half-round band. The finish is brushed silver.

The ideal size for this ring is M however a little adjustment is possible due to the open band but this will change the positioning of the stones.

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