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They’re simple but they’ve got personality!

I love these cute little studs. The Mexican turquoise is a lovely pale blue which is set off perfectly by the silver.


Turquoise is my absolute favourite!

The depth of colour in these Tibetan stones really is beautiful and is only enhanced by the quirky triangular shape.

NB: If you add one of these to your order, don’t forget to tell me your UK Ring Size in the message box when you get to the checkout.

£120.00 £160.00

There’s a lot of negative energy flying around right now (I’m talking to you Twitter). This combination of Turquoise and Howlite is the perfect thing to help that negative crap bounce right off you.

Bonnie Magpie Pendants Fabienne‘s Pot Bonnie Magpie Pendants Fabienne‘s Pot
£127.00 £170.00

There’s a brilliant scene in Pulp Fiction with Fabienne & Butch where Fabienne talks about wanting a “little pot”... It was 1994, I was 19, I had just had my son and the world was telling me the only way to be beautiful was to be super skinny. There are lots of theories about the meaning behind that conversation (it’s Tarantino after all!) but for me it was just lovely to hear someone talking with such fondness about something that I had just acquired and thought had rendered me imperfect.
£225.00 £300.00

I absolutely loved making this piece!

It is an homage to the Greek Goddess Artemis, daughter of Zeus and protector of women, children and nature. It’s a substantial, weighty pendant that’s balanced and complimented by the handcrafted silver chain.

Bonnie Magpie Pendants Turquoise Pendant Bonnie Magpie Pendants Turquoise Pendant

I’m in love with this New Lander turquoise stone, I’m convinced Khaleesi herself would be proud to wear it!

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