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Bonnie Magpie Earrings Dorothy - Sapphire Heron Earrings Bonnie Magpie Earrings Dorothy - Sapphire Heron Earrings
£126.00 £210.00

Dorothy never gives up...
She’s a dreamer but when she sets her mind to something, you better believe she going to do it. She’ll always speak up for those without a voice, even if it scares her. She’s fiercely protective of her friends. 

Bonnie Magpie Earrings Nancy - Sapphire Macaw Earrings Bonnie Magpie Earrings Nancy - Sapphire Macaw Earrings
£126.00 £210.00

Nancy is sharp as a pin...
Always on the lookout for injustice, she’s is in her element when she’s helping people. Her friends know they can always count on her to be there when they need her. She’ll change the world one day...

Playing by the Findhorn Playing by the Findhorn
£156.00 £260.00

As a child I spent a magical year living in the Scottish Highlands close to the banks of the River Findhorn. At 100km, the Findhorn is one of the longest rivers in Scotland and when I played there, in the shadow of the viaduct high above me, that little section felt like it was all mine.

Bonnie Magpie Pendants The Huntress Bonnie Magpie Pendants The Huntress
£180.00 £300.00

I absolutely loved making this piece!

It is an homage to the Greek Goddess Artemis, daughter of Zeus and protector of women, children and nature. It’s a substantial, weighty pendant that’s balanced and complimented by the handcrafted silver chain.

Armour Armour
£96.00 £160.00

There’s a lot of negative energy flying around right now (I’m talking to you Twitter). This combination of Turquoise and Howlite is the perfect thing to help that negative crap bounce right off you.

A Drop in the Ocean A Drop in the Ocean
£88.00 £148.00

She’s a showstopper! 
This is such a fascinating big stone, to me it’s like looking through a keyhole at the ocean. I incorporated some 14k gold filled beading around the bottom, like treasure on the sea bed. Despite its size it sits comfortably on your finger with a wide split band.

The Great Divide The Great Divide
£96.00 £160.00

This one is a real showstopper! Beautiful smooth stones contrast the textured silver and the diagonal silver rod exaggerates the asymmetry adding a touch of drama.

Zen and the Art of... Zen and the Art of...
£80.00 £135.00

The word Zen comes to mind when I look at this ring. Like two round pebbles stacked on the beach, it’s a real pleasure to wear. Two dendrite stones set in fine & sterling silver with a twisted sterling silver half-round band. The finish is brushed silver.

The ideal size for this ring is M however a little adjustment is possible due to the open band but this will change the positioning of the stones.

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