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Agnes’ Sunday Pendant Agnes’ Sunday Pendant

I’m in love with this stunner (if I do say so myself!)

A fine silver shield backed with sterling silver, set with 2 turquoise stones, a hand forged leaf dangling from the bottom and a custom clasp on the chain… it really is a future heirloom. 

I love to dedicate pieces to historically remarkable women. This collection is named after Lady Agnes Randolph AKA Black Agnes. In 1338 Agnes (kitted out in full armour) held her castle in Dunbar while the Earl of Salisbury opened siege by lobbing rocks at the castle walls using catapults.

The story goes that after the bombardment, Lady Agnes sent out her maids in full view of the attackers to dust the walls with laced handkerchiefs. Imagine that! She clearly had a wicked sense of humour. 

She held the castle for 5 months when finally a truce was agreed… 

Agnes Mother of Pearl Shield Pendant Agnes Mother of Pearl Shield Pendant

A beautiful calming mother of pearl cabochon set in a heavy bezel on sterling silver that has been hand pressed to create a textured shield.


A gorgeous juicy African amethyst cabochon set in a heavy bezel on sterling silver that has been hand pressed to create a textured shield.


This big, juicy, plump, teardrop amethyst looks good enough to eat!*

Set in sterling silver that has been textured and hammered by hand to give it a slightly distressed feel. In contrast the amethyst is surrounded by a smooth, heavy silver setting, polished to perfection. 

* Disclaimer… don’t eat the amethyst!

Playing by the Findhorn Playing by the Findhorn
£156.00 £260.00

As a child I spent a magical year living in the Scottish Highlands close to the banks of the River Findhorn. At 100km, the Findhorn is one of the longest rivers in Scotland and when I played there, in the shadow of the viaduct high above me, that little section felt like it was all mine.

Bonnie Magpie Pendants The Huntress Bonnie Magpie Pendants The Huntress
£180.00 £300.00

I absolutely loved making this piece!

It is an homage to the Greek Goddess Artemis, daughter of Zeus and protector of women, children and nature. It’s a substantial, weighty pendant that’s balanced and complimented by the handcrafted silver chain.

Armour Armour
£96.00 £160.00

There’s a lot of negative energy flying around right now (I’m talking to you Twitter). This combination of Turquoise and Howlite is the perfect thing to help that negative crap bounce right off you.

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